I went to Ze Frank's Twitter page a few days ago because I was reading one of his old blog posts. This is what it looks like. It's really sticking with me.

If you're putting your words, creativity, energy and attention into Twitter, you are complicit in the way employees are being treated and the way user safety is being treated.

Stop doing that. Put it all here instead.


@evan people have found community and support on twitter, and have valid reasons for not wanting to give that up. Mastodon says loudly that it's not for everyone. I'm gonna leave room for the idea that some people just need to stay on the twitter. They've met partners, had their life saved, learned they're not alone, found their feet and healed through that site. I'm gone from there but I'm a techie and long time open source contributor. For others the equation is different


@Br3nda @evan

Similarly to many people who stayed on Yahoo! or MSN until it got discontinued.

For some it is their community, even when half of the members moved on.


@gbraad @Br3nda

At what point are people responsible for moving their communities out of Twitter?


@evan @Br3nda you will always have stuck nails.

I have done my deed by reaching out, and assisting those that aren't good at technology.

but you are right, everyone is responsible to start the conversation, as those that stay behind will not be in isolation from the rest of the site.

seen a lot of account from Chinese friends being suspended now, so there is surely someone else in charge now. best to protect them from harm (hence I removed a lot of tweets).


@evan @gbraad not sure we get to judge. The people who haven't moved include disabled people or pepple who live with generations of violent oppression.


@Br3nda @evan They have their reasons, and sometimes those reasons we can not understand or relate to. Everyone ultimately made their own decision, some by 'peer-pressure', some by herding, some of their own willing, and some never will ... we can't judge or force them. Unknowningly we might have already forced some.


@evan but consider leaving your account as you can be impersonated there.

@KatEmm I saw him give a talk at NXNE Interactive about the experience of exponential growth that changed how I look at my life

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