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My name is Evan Prodromou. I'm an Open Source software enthusiast, best known for my work in wikis and in social software.

I work as Director of Open Technology at the Open Earth Foundation.

I live in Montreal, love to garden with native plants, make wine, cook, and live an examined life.

What kind of toot do you like the best?

“we believe that the #mastodon application is safe to use, **and as long as you have registered your account in a trusted server**, there are minimal privacy breach risks”

i love talking about federation in the #fediverse because it's as close as I'll ever get to being in starfleet 🖖 #socialmedia #scifi #startrek

I think about secure authentication, like, a lot. The issue linked here isn’t specific really to #Mastodon, but #2FA boosting in general. Should your 2FA status on a given account be public, or secret like it is now? Is public/secret better or worse for users or attackers?

So far the reaction on the issue is tepid at best.

Violet Blue's #kickstarter to publish her memoir of growing up homeless in #sanFrancisco has 5 days to go and has not quite crossed the threshold of 400 donors @violetblue

create things that don’t require you to be there to explain them.

Carl Sagan's 1990 talk on climate change is just as relevant today as it was 32 years ago.


Food, meat 

Bison and turkey tacos. North American native foods ftw.

The Internet changed the order of journalism.

Once, a journalist monetized (got a job) and then reported. Now, they start reporting, and then monetize (with a following, which turns into money when they watch ads, or donate, or buy your book.)

The startup costs have gone to zero (well, a phone.) The monthly costs, too (well, a data plan.) And the printing costs are actually zero.

It’s one of the Internet’s two-edged swords: Worthy stories get covered; nonsense is peddled as fact.

What kind of toot do you like the best?

I'm super close to being done with a big art project so I'm putting this out into the world:

I'm looking for a large, flat wall space to hang a piece of art that is 6 ft x 6 ft in the Boston area


If people are also interested in the other #fediverse videos, there is a wonderful page ;)
(see "Talks" and "Live")

or @apconf /

I like these results.

I think it's not sufficient to have the federated social network.

I'm not sure if it's necessary, but if pressed I'd say yes.

This is essential infrastructure for expression, information, and socialization.

We can't leave it up to a single one-size-fits-all solution -- even one with the best of intentions.

Human needs are too diverse for that single player to meet them all, even if they had the best intentions.

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The federated social network is ________ for a healthy and just society.

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