My name is Evan Prodromou. I'm an Open Source software enthusiast, best known for my work in wikis and in social software.

I work as Director of Open Technology at the Open Earth Foundation.

I live in Montreal, love to garden with native plants, make wine, cook, and live an examined life.

@evan this has to be one of the most under-stated introductions I have seen here!

So let me offer a better one: Evan is one of the reasons we are all here. He is credited as one of the creators of the #ActivityPub protocol:

Back in the day (a decade ago), he also used to run the biggest instance of #StatusNet, My old account is still there, even though I have lost access to it:

StatusNet was the precursor of fedi.

Welcome, Evan!

Thank you @rysiek for correcting the record. I was in the room as #ActivityPub was matured and established as a #W3C standard. @evan was co-chair of that #SocialWebWG & co-editor of the spec. Plus, he may have brought @cwebber to the group, & perhaps others as well (Jessica Tallon?). (Apologies I don’t remember.) Instrumental effort, IOW! Not to mention his previous various contributions. And, he’s such a nice guy. Yay Evan!

Well said!
I was a fellow identican those times.
A warm welcome, @evan

@rysiek @evan omg I didn't even know was still up and preserved. Fond memories from 10+ years ago

@rysiek @evan
A big fan of identica | statusnet | pumpio and I’ve said it many times over the years to others - thank you Evan for everything you’ve done

@rysiek @evan I guess it's quite laconical introduction. 😉

@rysiek @evan

Me, !

I still have those (infamous) notifications : « Open Farm Game posted Your Strawberries is ready to harvest » 😁

@nizarus @rysiek @evan Le seul problème est pour exporter les données : ça date d’avant le RGPD 😉

@dClauzel @rysiek I don't think I ever saw that, and if I did I don't remember, it's been so long ago.

That said, welcome to Mastodon and the Fediverse, @evan. (active ~2009-10, FriendFeed-connected)

*checks address* Error 404
Sure enough, deleted after I abandoned it. Oh well...
@dClauzel @rysiek @evan

@dClauzel Well! There it is. Thanks!

(I see I lasted only 4 months there in '09, and there's links to my blog on Posterous, which no longer exists because Twitter killed it, though fortunately I backed it up in time...)

@rysiek @evan

Wow, that's a lot of people with ancient accounts in replies to this!

I wonder if it would be possible to make an activitypub-compatible instance?

WDYT, @evan?

@rysiek Yes, lots of us from the days. I was there, too, at

@evan - great to see you here at this address! 👋

> Back in the day (a decade ago), he also used to run the biggest instance of #StatusNet,

And wrote the code for it. And wrote the protocol for it (OMB). And wrote the second protocol for it (OStatus). And wrote the prototype for AP ( and got the W3C work started that standardized it.

Your updated introduction is still understated. 😃

Prodromou is the grandpa of fedi, there's no other way to say it.

@rysiek @evan
@evan @rysiek i was recently surprised to learn the email recovery mechanism worked on my account and started posting there again, a leasr a dozen folks are still there 😉

@evan I love your city! My partner and I spent a week there last month.

Welcome to the #Fediverse @evan we tried to keep it nice over here. Hope you enjoy your stay ♥

@evan It's good to see you on here! I want to thank you for hosting me and all the rest of us over on, and thank you for all your work on social media infrastructure. I hope you find it okay in here with us. o/

@cstanhope yes, me too - I could see the brilliance behind StatusNet and happily jumped to back in the day. The seeds were sown. @evan

@evan i remember and! Thanks for your hard work :)

@evan it feels a bit weird welcoming you here but... welcome!

@ssweeny @evan

I believe this would be a divine comedy comparable to love in the times of cholera.

@evan especially like the 'examined life' part! I haven't done an intro yet. Guess I need to.

@Julien51 hey! How are you? I was just talking about you with Hugh McGuire over lunch.

@Julien51 exhausted! We just released our climate data platform for COP27. I've been working like crazy for a month. Glad to get some downtime now.

@evan He's finally here!!!

Welcome, Evan, it's wonderful to have you.
@Evan Prodromou I'm so glad to see you here. Just remembering the times with

What @evan doesn't mention is that he's been doing fediverse stuff way back when with :D

@evan How unbelievably wonderful it is to see you on here.

Welcome back!

@evan I was just wondering what you were up to lately :)

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