20% of the people I follow (624/3132) on Twitter have Mastodon addresses in their Twitter bios, or are otherwise discoverable by @debirdify . Hell yeah, this is happening.

@evan @debirdify For me it's around 14% of people I follow, but what I find interesting is zero of my mutes or blocks have Mastodon addresses in their Twitter bios. Which makes me happy - I hope this means I'm leaving certain types of people behind!

@evan hell yeah. my stats yesterday (and an insight that made me laugh)

@xor @evan I’m around 22% according to that. I’ve been using fedifollows. Is this any different?

@mattl @evan i think they're just about the same. and three data points? i've seen enough. 20+% of twitter people are over here now

Bird site migration 

@xor @evan I had about 950 followed on the bird app. I’ve been using birdify and manually messaging/unfollowing for the people who birdify didn’t catch. I’m up to 265 people I’ve found here (okay a couple of dozen were people who were here before) and I still have 233 tweeps to get through. So roughly 20-25% of my followed are here already.

@SoS @evan It's really fascinating how much it differs from person to person. Probably just depends on what kind of ‘bubble’ you are in.

For me it's about 20% now. Back when #debirdify was started, it was about 5%.

@debirdify @evan I'm still seeing a demoralizing dearth of local journalists, brands, and politicians. I'm not sure what to do about that.

@evan For people I follow: 187/1060 (17.6%).

For people who follow me: 450/4620 (9.7%).

I'm probably a little bit less tech-centric in my follows, and notably less tech centric in my followers (many of whom came in via local politics).

@evan @debirdify
I'm slowly reproducing some of my social graph here, but I'm missing the birdsite feed approach. Here, frequent posters dominate my feed.

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